Here’s some process work for the previous post.

From top down:

Alternate inks.

Alternate inks w/ color. Ideally I would have posted this w/ an unprocessed color back, but I didn’t realize I had merged and saved the file until I reloaded it. Whoops!

Finished page w/o noise/grain.

Roughs/layout. This isn’t as messy as it could be potentially due to the fact I was recreating an old comic and I already knew roughly what I wanted. Still, a couple things tend to hold true: because I’m not all that great at inking, and don’t have a very steady hand, I like to make sure the rough work is pretty tight. By contrast background can seem like a clusterfuck since I do them on the fly. The background from the middle image was sketched using a few ref images, and then dropped to 85% opacity and colored to make sure the figures popped. Photo texture and grunge maps were dropped in as well to heighten the noise element, but they become far less noticeable after the noise filter is added.

Making comics is fun! <3

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