slender-knight asked:

wow that doctor strange.. I cant wait until everyone loves him and the marvel cinematic universe ruins him! *sarcasm* but dude amazing

I’m so with you on that sentiment. Don’t worry though, for some reason we are all going to get an Ant-man adaptation that nobody asked for that will potentially make him tolerable. Who the fuck knows?

Oh, and big thanks!

tari101190 asked:

What is the #docstrangepreview thing? The drawing is amazing.

It was going to be a quick little piece for today’s sketch_dailies, but I decided to spend some more time w/ it. Hope to have it wrapped up/show it to you folks in the next couple days. I tend to work pretty quick/decisively when there is little to no design work invovled.

Anonymous asked:

can you post the art of the panel that says "or exploring the deepest depths" in your zelda comic on it's own? it's really cool, i love the perspective!

Yikes, opening this .psd felt like visiting an ancient tomb. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, Anon!